Hello and welcome to the Dualflo Water Softener website.

Dualflo is the trade brand of Harvey Water Softeners. The chances are that either your plumber, kitchen or bathroom fitter, a neighbour, friend or relative has suggested that you take a look at this website in order to find out more about water softeners in general and the Dualflo brand.

We have been making domestic water softeners for nearly 40 years. We make the twin cylinder, non-electric, block salt softener and every unit we manufacture is tested before it leaves the factory!

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There are so many reasons to have a water softener;

  • Complete Elimination Of Limescale
  • Money Saving
  • Time Saving
  • Your Appliances Live Longer
  • Soft Water Is so Much Nicer For You & Your Family

Please take a look at this short video where Dave, our National Trade Sales Manager, will talk you through the reasons why you should have a Dualflo water softener in your home.

In hard water areas, excess minerals in your supply can create havoc in the home. Once in your pipe-work, the contaminants can cause a build up of scale and scum which affects everything from your heating system to your kitchen appliances.