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Easy to install

A Dualflo Water Softener is really easy to install; it’s fitted to the mains water supply, which is normally under the kitchen sink, so installation couldn’t be easier. Customers will benefit from a limescale free home with kitchens and bathrooms that look newer for longer. Softened water will also protect appliances and keep the hot water system efficient, saving money on your energy bills.



A Dualflo Water Softener requires no electricity to work; using a state of the art water metering system it measures water consumption by the drop. This system then tells the water softener to begin regeneration, which ensures the water softener provides 100% softened water; leaving your home sparkling clean and free from limescale.

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24/7 softened water

A Dualflo Water Softener provides 24/7 softened water even when it’s regenerating. Unlike most water softeners on the market the Dualflo uses a twin cylinder design. This allows one cylinder to regenerate while the other provides softened water. There is no interruption, so your home will always enjoy the benefits of softened water such as limescale free surfaces, longer lasting appliances and a kitchen and bathroom that will shine for longer.


No maintenance

A Dualflo Water Softener doesn’t need any yearly maintenance or start up programming due to its simple, non-electric design and high-quality parts. There is no yearly servicing required, it’s literally install it and off you go! With a life expectancy of 25 years, your Dualflo will keep your home looking new and save you money for years to come.

Limescale in pipe

Save money on bills

A Dualflo Water Softener can save you money on your heating bills. Over time limescale builds up inside pipes, meaning your boiler has to work harder to pump hot water around your home. Over time, softened water will remove the existing limescale and make your boiler work more efficiently, reducing your heating bills.

Kitchen sink cabinet

Fits under the cupboard

A Dualflo Water Softener is a great addition to your home; designed with aesthetics in mind it will fit neatly under your kitchen sink. You won’t have to cut into expensive worktops or remove cabinets in order for it to fit.

Quooker boiling tap

Boiling taps

Softened water is completely compatible with a Quooker boiling water tap providing the water pressure is maintained at above 2b and that the water delivered has a PH value of between +6.5 and +7.5. Not all water softeners are as compatible with a Quooker system, but Quooker is happy and confident to install a Quooker tap with a Dualflo Water Softener.

Glass of soft water

Drinking softened water

Softened water is completely safe to drink. Drinking water must comply with regulations that state the maximum limit of sodium is 200 mg/l (milligrams per litre), this sodium limit will only be exceeded where water is extremely hard, for example above 425 ppm. We will ensure your water will not exceed 200 mg/l when softened, a separate unsoftened drinking water tap will be fitted if the sodium level is exceeded.

It is recommended that softened water is not used for baby feed preparation, particularly those under six weeks and if you have been advised by a doctor to be on a low sodium diet.